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Lecture and Workshop organizers

"I could listen to Jackie for hours … invaluable … "
D.F. London, UK
"Thank you so much for your wonderful talk on Love your Children, Find yourself last night which was enjoyed by everyone in the room. You had a really lovely, “kept-me-interested” interactive style and the techniques you advised gave a really practical way to deal with the stresses of life and how to calm yourself down when you are being bombarded from all sides. I really took a lot home and will definitely implement your methods with my kids so that I can be a calmer mummy in the face of noisy, boisterous children. Hopefully, now I won’t shout so they won’t shout louder!"
Dr. Joanna Rees M.D.
Hasmonean high school
Parent Teacher Association Head
London, UK
"It’s extremely empowering to learn to make the mind shift from ‘freaking out’ to being able to stop mid-sentence and be more calm with my children. Thanks again for a fantastic workshop."
Rebbezin Esther Plotnick
Chabad of Hendon, London UK
"Jackie’s voice is gentle and strong … amazingly clear …  a senior practitioner able to lead in a balanced and egoless way …"
Michael Langman
Yoga teacher and Healing Imagery Practitioner
Los Angeles, California
"Thanks to your help, we were able to have a non-confrontational conversation which, although it wasn't easy, was far more constructive than I had feared. Your support really was invaluable."
JG London, UK
"Jackie addressed our group of parents of IDF lone soldiers with sensitivity, understanding, and insight and facilitated an evening that encouraged us to express ourselves in a most cathartic way. Jackie has a patient and gentle manner that creates an atmosphere of tranquility and calm which relaxes all those present and allowed us to acknowledge our emotion in a safe and healing place. Her tips for ways to calm ourselves in stressful situations can be done quickly and easily on our own."
Michelle Sint
Co-founder Machal Mom’s
Immanuel College Governor
Ner Yisrael Synagogue Trustee
"There is no question that the kind of workshop that Dr. Schiff offers encourages women to get involved in the Mitzvah of Taharat HaMishpacha … also helps those who are already involved to come to it with a greater sense of spirituality and personal fulfillment.  When we approach the mitzvot - and particularly this one - with positive emotions, the impact on ourselves, our marriages and our children is
powerful. Jackie’s ability, to pass on our mesorah, as a gift and not as a burden is itself a gift of immeasurable value."
Rebbezin Abby Lerner
Young Israel of Great Neck, N.Y.
"Dr. Jackie Schiff’s presentation on Teshuva and personal change offered a refreshingly honest, intelligent, and empathetic take on a familiar theme; it integrated insights drawn from her professional work as a psychologist — including recent research in positive psychology and neuroscience —with stimulating and original readings of traditional texts from the Torah and Talmud. Her talk was moving, intellectually engaging, and offered invaluable insights as well as practical and professional advice on how to make seemingly intractable personal changes possible.  We look forward to inviting her back!"
Ben Thwaites, Educational Director of the Forum for Jewish
Leadership (FJL)
"I would highly recommend Dr Jackie Schiff an outstanding psychologist who is known to me on a personal and professional basis for a number of years. She possesses great knowledge and wisdom … exquisite sensitivity and insight into each individual who is lucky enough to come into her orbit… She is solutions oriented whose practice is totally congruent with and respectful of both spirit and practice of Orthodox Judaism."
Rebbezin Via Kimche
Ner Yisrael Synagogue, London, UK
"Attending any talk of Dr Schiff’s is highly recommended. You are
guaranteed to gain knowledge and down-to-earth tools, in an easy to-
listen to style peppered with humor and real-life experiences."
Sara Osdoba Golders Green, London
Certified Professional Coach and Hypnotherapist
"As guest speaker for our ladies learning group, Dr. Schiff entertained and observed,
informed and inspired, taught and shared of her vast knowledge and experience. All of us gaining a better and clearer understanding of relationships."
Rebbezin Faigy Lieberman
Edgeware Adass, London, UK
"Jackie’s talk combined an exploration of ancient Midrashic interpretation with modern approaches to analysis to provide a fascinating insight which informed our everyday lives."
Debbie Meyer. LSJS Lecturer. Qualified Solicitor.
London, UK
"Dr. Jackie Schiff gave a wonderful evening presentation, for Chabad of Hendon, titled "Love Your Children, Find Yourself". Dr. Schiff taught the skill of imagery as a stress reducer by means of taking the women on a few hands-on guided imagery tours. I appreciated the clarification and definition … I have had several women ask me to include them in future events we have with Dr. Schiff… positive feedback … many women benefitted."
Mrs. Esther Mindel Overlander
Shlucha of Chabad House of Hendon
"Dr Jackie Schiff has given a number of excellent presentations at LSJS over the past few years. In particular, she runs an annual workshop for participants on the Susi Bradfield Educational Leadership Programme, using stress management and visualisation techniques to help them develop confidence as public speakers. She is an engaging presenter, with a warm and friendly style, and is good at adjusting various aspects of her presentation, including the intellectual level and the balance between theory and practice, to suit a particular audience. The feedback on her sessions is consistently highly positive."
Tamra Wright LSJS Director of Academic Studies
London, UK
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