Everyone knows the mind can make you sick.  Who doesn't know someone who "got an ulcer because work was too stressful"?
Many recent studies in psycho-immunology show the benefits of using your thoughts and images to reduce stress, increase empowerment, transform the body, enhance immune function, and move towards health.
Why not learn how the mind can help you heal yourself? 
At any age, imagery offers a way to find unimaginable new possibilities for success. As in night dreams, the brain and the body do not distinguish between an imagined experience and real-life experiences.  Images are the internal pictures and language of our inner reality. Most of the time we are not in touch with our inner self even though it shapes and guides our everyday lives.  Once you learn to harness this internal power you gain a deep and broad understanding of how to change and be in alignment with the truest parts of yourself. The clear intuitive self who knows it's strength and purpose and awaits your instruction for transformation and healing. 
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